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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December 2010 - Book Club Selection - Restored Hope by Brenda Youngerman

Hello Everyone,

The December 2010, Bloggers Unite Book Club selection is Restored Hope by Brenda Youngerman. If you would like to read more about this title, please visit Brenda's website and blog.

About Restored Hope

Even when the world throws everything at you, the human spirit is still capable of hope. In this shining new novel, two young people from dissimilar backgrounds come together to find meaning in their lives and Restored Hope.

About Brenda Youngerman

Brenda Youngerman is a single mother who raised her 3 children in southern California when they were not living with their father. She has first hand knowledge of what emotional trauma can do to a family as she was the product of a broken home.

She was the youngest member in a very large family and always felt like she was on the outside looking in. She believes that is how she learned to observe life swirling around her and that has given her the edge to write "Fiction With a Purpose," novels about real people in real life situations. She tries to paint a picture of life as it is to give her readers that ability to see situations from a different point of view. Her goal as an author is to have ONE reader pick up a novel and see a similarity in his or her life and see an opportunity to do something to make their life better.

When she goes out and speaks to large groups the subject of domestic abuse is normally brought up. "Unfortunately, domestic abuse is a subject that literally affects every family in this country, and throughout the world. There is not one person that I have spoken to that does not know a member of their family tree that has been touched by domestic abuse.
Be it physical, emotional, mental, sexual, alcohol or drug related. All of these forms of abuse can be boiled down to domestic abuse as they alter the way a family lives and behaves.

"Domestic abuse is a quiet demon that affects all walks of life: rich or poor. It is often kept hidden and the victims are ashamed of their fate.I write to shine the light so maybe someone will see that victims are not to blame. I weave a tale incorporating a story of average people getting involved in average issues that they cannot control. My hope is that
someone will pick up one of my books and realize that they are not alone, that there are thousands of people available to them, to help them. I do believe that one person can make a difference."

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