Bloggers Unite Group (995+ members) & Bloggers Unite Book Club Group (285+ members) are on


The Bloggers Unite Book Clubis an extension of the Bloggers Unite Group.

Here's a common question that we're asked:  
Why did you start the Bloggers Unite Book Club?

Our answer:
First of all, that's a great question!  To answer you --- we needed to share our love of  reading unique, thought-provoking books with readers around the world. We're hoping to expand your mind --- one book at a time.

Both the Bloggers Unite Group & the Bloggers Unite Book Club Group on Goodreads were created by Bobbie Crawford-McCoy; she still acts as moderator for both groups.

Bobbie also happens to be the creator, owner and the Admin./Moderator for the Bloggers Unite Book Club's dedicated blog site.

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