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Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 2011 Book Club Selection - The i Tetralogy by Mathias B. Freese

October 2011, Book Club Selection is The i Tetralogy by Mathias B. Freese. To read more about The i Tetralogy please visit the author's website. Please note that this book contains very graphic, explicit and disturbing material surrounding the Holocaust. Not recommended for readers under 18 years of age.  

The i Tetralogy by Mathias B. Freese

About the book:
From novelist Mathias B. Freese comes The i Tetralogy a gripping epic that explores the nature of the Holocaust during and after the war, through an incisive observation of three pivotal characters. The varying dimensions of their moral nature inextricably link each of them- victim, perpetrator, and murderer's son. Brilliantly weaving interior monologue and external event, the quartet assays the monumental impact of the Holocaust upon i, a death camp prisoner; his Nazi taskmaster Gunther.

Gunther's escape to America at war's end; and consequences upon Conrad, Gunther's eldest son. The reader ponders the risk of forgetting, of sanitizing, of "sweetening" the Holocaust.
About the author:
Mathias B. Freese is a novelist and retired psychotherapist. He likes to collect, he is cinemaphile (big time), and he writes fiction (short stories and novels). He also enjoys traveling, being disillusioned and cynical and therefore holds no expectations of the human race. He can be found reading Krishnamurti, Kazantzakis and Conrad while going his own way in a "corrupt culture" He is a secular Jew, an atheist and he studies the Holocaust and the related literature.

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