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Monday, February 28, 2011

March 2011- Book Club Selection - The Tale of the Twins: Book One by Dairenna Vonravenstone

The March 2011, Bloggers Unite Book Club selection is The Tale of the Twins: Book One: Gathering and Destruction by Dairenna Vonravenstone. If you would like to read more about this title, please visit Dairenna's website.

About The Tale of the Twins: Book One: Gathering and Destruction

More than half the human race is dead because of the nuclear explosions in World War Three. Pain, death and hopelessness rule the world and crush the people left to scramble for survival. These survivors pray for an end to their suffering. Finally, their prayers are answered, but not as they expected.

Rising amid the chaos and destruction are the immortal twins, taught to survive and trained for one purpose. Three thousand years of life has taught them how to end the misery, how to bring harmony back to the world. To end the anguish, they must fight against one of their own. A tyrant who wants to rule the city with an Iron fist, oppressing the people further and leaving them with nothing to look forward to. The twins begin the fight alongside others like themselves so they can bring peace to the war-ravaged world.

The battle they begin is one that forces them to face hardships they have never seen in their long lives. This very battle could rip them apart at the seams. Can they restore a world destroyed by its own people, or will they lose each other forever?

About Dairenna VonRavenstone

Dairenna VonRavenstone grew up in a small town in the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario, Canada. From the age of ten, she wrote stories for herself and to please some of her friends. She had always dreamed of being a successful author and worked on many novels and short stories to achieve her dream.

Dairenna is an avid reader, with her own library of about 1,000 books (and growing) ranging in genres from horror to fantasy, to romance, to mystery, to crime fiction, to philosophy, to biology, and to science fiction. She usually reads a novel a month and has run out of room in her cozy living space to fit anymore.

Dairenna is also a gamer for both online and console games. She believes there is nothing more relaxing then planning a strategy for taking out an enemy or just using the training feature of many popular fighting games to beat an enemy senseless.

She attended a Roman Catholic high school where she made the Honour Roll all four years, excelling in Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Writer’s Craft. She also enjoys martial arts, though has been out of practice for two years. Dairenna also enjoys researching whatever piques her interest at any given time with topics ranging from microbiology to the Wiccan lifestyle to Religion and Philosophy.

Others would describe Dairenna as a quiet contemplator with the communication skills of a social butterfly when needed. She is somewhat introverted and tends to consider her words carefully before speaking.

She enjoys the mystique of being a slightly anonymous writer and feels that sharing the little details of her life would give her unwanted attention at this point. Personal questions about her age, place of residence or other details that may give her away will not be answered because of the mystique she would like to maintain for a little while.

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