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Monday, June 29, 2009

Tentative Grand Opening of the Book Club!

Hello everyone,

I was hoping to start the Bloggers Unite Book Club on August 15th, 2009.
If no one has any problems with it, I would like to have a title selected for all members before the beginning of August so that everyone has time to read the book.

I am looking at getting some free books (for official members only) down the road, for us to read and talk about but I am open to other suggestions if there are specific titles that we would like to read that I cannot get copies of for free. We should all agree to purchase, if necessary, the selected title or it can be borrowed from a friend, family member or the local library.

We can have theme months, such as "Historical Fiction", "Thrillers" or "Romance"; or we can let each member decide on a title for their month. Or we could decide on "Sale" books, "Bestsellers" or "Classics" as a different monthly theme. There are many options open to official members.

As I said a few times before, I am very open to suggestions as we get this new Book Club going. Please answer the polls on the right hand side and feel free to suggest new ones that I would be happy to add for you.

I look forward to hearing from all of you and I look forward to finalizing the rest of the details after I have had some input from all of the official members. :)

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